Stephentown Federated Church

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In Memoriam
Elizabeth and Rita

Guest speakers
for Sunday Services

25.....Rev Betsye Mowry

1.....Rev Dan Daniels

8.....Rev Bob Lowenthal

15.....Rev Dan Daniels

22.....Rev Betsye Mowry

29.....Rev Dan Daniels

Audio of weekly Church Services

Maratuoa Khurumala 2019

March/April/May 2019

Choral Festival Concert
April 15, 2018

Welcome! Come one, come all to Stephentown Federated Church! We are pleased to have many wonderful people as a part of our Sunday Services, both in person and on-line! Our little country church has much to offer and has made life altering changes in lives near and far. Spend a few moments with us to see all that’s going on . . .

We’ve spent this past year in transition. Our Pastor of many years retired after the Christmas service last year. The process of finding a new minister to lead our congregation has been very slow. We have, however, had the blessing of several incredible ministers fill our pulpit on a regular basis.

Please join with us in singing the praises of Rev Bob Lowenthal, Rev Dan Daniels, and Rev Betsye Mowry for providing our weekly ministry each month. We are very blessed to have such dedicated and willing servants and God. Thanks you so much!

The Search Committee will continue to look for a new Pastor through the Presbyterian part of our Federation. The Worship team continues to plan the weekly special services and works with each of the guest ministers.

The Stephentown Federated Church is a community seeking to glorify God through the use of God-given talents and gifts. As Christians, it is our mission to serve others.